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  • CORN (Mar 17) 370'6 -0'2 2/23/17   5:28 AM CST
  • CORN (May 17) 378'0 -0'2 2/23/17   5:28 AM CST
  • CORN (Jul 17) 385'0 -0'4 2/23/17   5:28 AM CST
  • HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (Mar 17) 457'6 0'0 2/23/17   5:22 AM CST
  • HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (May 17) 471'2 0'0 2/23/17   4:49 AM CST
  • HARD RED WINTER WHEAT (Jul 17) 482'6 -0'2 2/23/17   4:49 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Mar 17) 1019'6 -3'0 2/23/17   5:28 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (May 17) 1030'2 -3'2 2/23/17   5:28 AM CST
  • SOYBEANS (Jul 17) 1039'6 -3'2 2/23/17   5:28 AM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Feb 17) 121.275 2.200 2/22/17   1:04 PM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Apr 17) 116.025 0.775 2/22/17   1:04 PM CST
  • LIVE CATTLE (Jun 17) 106.300 0.475 2/22/17   1:04 PM CST
  • FEEDER CATTLE (Mar 17) 124.975 0.550 2/22/17   1:04 PM CST
  • FEEDER CATTLE (Apr 17) 125.375 0.400 2/22/17   1:04 PM CST
  • FEEDER CATTLE (May 17) 124.500 0.275 2/22/17   1:03 PM CST
  • LEAN HOGS (Apr 17) 67.650 -2.600 2/22/17   1:04 PM CST
  • LEAN HOGS (May 17) 73.475 -2.050 2/22/17   1:03 PM CST
  • LEAN HOGS (Jun 17) 77.100 -1.800 2/22/17   1:04 PM CST
  • WHEAT (Mar 17) 441'0 -0'2 2/23/17   5:17 AM CST
  • WHEAT (May 17) 455'4 -0'4 2/23/17   5:28 AM CST
  • WHEAT (Jul 17) 469'4 -0'2 2/23/17   5:15 AM CST



CHS Board addresses 2016 equity management; delays individual equity redemption program changes

The CHS Board has delayed implementation of the company’s new individual equity redemption program, a decision made following its regular review of the CHS equity management program.


“This decision was made as we considered a number of factors, including our commitment to balance sheet management and the current economic cycle,” says CHS Board Chairman Dave Bielenberg. “CHS remains financially sound and profitable, but as we navigate this economic cycle, the board believes this delay was appropriate as we continue to take a long-term view in managing equity redemptions.”


When effective, the new program would add “age of equity” distribution like that now used for member cooperatives to the existing “age of producer” program. It had been set to take effect with redemptions made based on individuals’ fiscal 2016 (Sept. 1, 2015 – Aug. 31, 2016) business with CHS. It is now slated to take effect for fiscal 2017 (Sept. 1, 2016 – Aug. 31, 2017) business and will affect distributions taking place in fiscal 2018, although the board will continue to evaluate this timing as part of its overall equity management review.


In the meantime, CHS will continue to redeem 100 percent of individual equity upon request to producers age 70 or older and to estates. As previously announced, producers who have already received a full equity redemption at age 70 will receive any future patronage distributions as 40 percent cash and 60 percent equity.


While specific amounts of patronage distributions and equity redemptions will be reported after CHS reports fiscal 2016 results in November, Bielenberg adds that the company intends to return 40 percent of patronage earnings in cash. He also notes that CHS will not issue non-qualified equity for fiscal 2016 and will pass through unused portions of the company’s Section 199 domestic production deduction (DPAD) to eligible owners.


To date, CHS has redeemed previously earned member cooperative equity through a portion of 2006, well ahead of the CHS Board’s goal of maintaining age of equity at about 15 years and a significant improvement from age of equity at 40 years earlier this decade.


In addition, the CHS Board has also determined that the company will return 40 percent of fiscal 2016 patronage earnings to eligible member cooperatives in cash. The company will not issue non-qualified equity for fiscal 2016 and will pass through unused portions of its fiscal 2016 Section 199 domestic production deduction (DPAD) to eligible owners.


2016 Wheat Harvest News
  • LDP - Producers, please make sure you get in touch with your local county FSA Office to get Page 1 filled out for your LDP Payments.  Please click here to review today's LDP rates.
  • New Field or Split Information -  Please contact your local branch or the grain team in Yuma to notify us of any new field or split information, so that we can ensure we get your tickets properly identified and accurately applied to contracts.
  •  Protein Premium Scale- Please see below for the Premium Scale (effective 7/5/16).  To view the complete Premium & Discount Schedule, please click here.

Producer Survey

CHS is always working to ensure we provide the services and expertise to help your operation grow for generations to come.  As a producer-owner of CHS, the future of your operation is important to us.  We want to make sure we provide you the value, expertise and services you need today as well as in the future.  In order to help us prepare our plans, I encourage you to take this brief, 15-minute survey before Friday, March 25. 


Take survey now by clicking here.

If that does not work, copy and paste the below link in your browser.



There will be five winners drawn from the completed survey respondents.  Each winner will receive complimentary registration fees, which includes one hotel room and meals (valued over $2,000) for one person and a guest for the 2017 Your CHS Experience Board Development event in Las Vegas.  Your CHS Experience is a great opportunity to network with other cooperative members, hone leadership skills and learn more about serving on a cooperative board.


We value not only your candid answers but also your time in helping us.  Thank you. 


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